About Us


Founded in Feb 2017, ERRIDA® (SSM registration:NS0165777-K) is a clothing brand that always strives to provide range of fashionable collections at such affordable prices yet with high quality standard. Every collection is wearable through day and night, from daily basis to corporate events making the wearer stays effortlessly stylish.

Our mission is to maintain the highest standard in terms of customer service and quality of product, as well as to emphasize the true contemporary of women's fashion and easy-to-wear collections.We’ll make sure customers will feel comfortable throughout their shopping journey. If they require any assistance during their shopping, we’ll provide them the best support they can find online.

If you have any suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us dearies! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know about our newest collections and special promotions!

You can find us at:

Facebook Page@errida.co


Whatsapp011-1613 3553

Email: [email protected]